Harry Maisel

Morning Harry!

Wanted to send you over a short video to introduce you to your new video area. A tool we’ve been working on ourselves, this cycle we wanted to get you setup with it as well.

We think it’s going to help you stand out among competitors and create a more personalized conversation in this highly digital time.

Hope you like it, any questions, just let us know!


Harry Maisel
Chicago and North Shore Real Estate Expert

Autumn is upon us

With the kids back in school and households going back to regular routines, I believe we’re headed back to a more normal cycle of real estate. More homes will likely come up for sale, helping to slow down the unparalleled price increases and bidding wars of the past year.

Fall Market Trends 2021

If you’ve been on the fence about getting into a new home, or preparing your home for sale, the fall might be a good time to test the waters. Check out my Fall Market Trends article to learn more about what’s happening in real estate.

Chicago & North Shore Listings

LaSalle Dr and McClurg Ct are among some of the top properties I’m working with this month. See my most recent listings on my website.